Environmental Rubber Recycling

Environmental Rubber Recycling turns scrap tires into a lightweight substitute that can outperform traditional stone aggregate in civil engineering and backfill applications, septic field installations and stormwater management. We service all of the Greater Flint area and much of Southeast Michigan.

Blackstone TDA

- a light-weight aggregate substitute. Learn more

Every Year Michigan Motorists Replace 9 Million Tires!

At Environmental Rubber Recycling we take those tires and turn them into useable products. We are a state-registered scrap tire processor and hauler, ensuring that your scrap tires are removed and disposed of in compliance with scrap tire environmental and safety rules and regulations.


TIRE-DERIVED AGGREGATE (TDA) is a proven substitute for traditional aggregates like sand, gravel and stone in engineering projects like construction backfill, road drainage and stormwater management. It is light weight, stable, and has a high flow rate. TDA is an ideal alternative to stone aggregate in the design and build of septic fields.
Blackstone TDA
TIRE-DERIVED FUEL (TDF) is a proven fuel alternative to fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. In Michigan, most TDF is blended in small amounts with wood or similar fuels to fire a boiler to produce heat and steam for industrial processes, or electricity connected to the power grid.


Tire Drop Offs

We accept walk-in drop off of passenger tires, light truck and other tires up to semi tires. Volumes over 50 please call ahead. Heavy equipment tires are taken on a case-by-case basis. Call ahead.

Tire Clean Ups

ERR can deliver services to remove scrap tires from you properties. We will arrange to collect and haul up to 5000 tires from your location. Call for a quote for amounts greater than 5000 tires.

Commercial Services

Environmental Rubber Recycling will tailor services for commercial accounts, such as tire retailers and fleet operators. We can live load with our trucks and crew, or spot a trailer for added savings and convenience.

Environmental Rubber Recycling

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

6515 Dort Hwy
Flint, Michigan 48505

Environmental Rubber Recycling
Environmental Rubber Recycling

Walk-in Tire Drop Offs welcome, please call ahead with quantities above 50 tires or for heavy equipment tires. Thank you!

Call (810) 789-1222

Tire Drop-Off Hours:
Monday - Friday

8am - 3pm

6515 Dort Hwy
Flint, Michigan 48505

Serving Greater Flint Area and Much of Southeast Michigan

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