The storage, collection, transportation and processing of scrap tires in Michigan is regulated separately from typical, non-hazardous solid wastes like household trash and industrial and construction wastes. Once processed into a useable material like tire-derived aggregate and tire-derived fuel it is regulated as a commodity and not a solid waste of any kind.

Tire chips that make up tire-derived aggregate, tire-derived fuel and other materials processed from scrap tires are a designated inert material in the State of Michigan. The U.S. EPA has also determined that TDA and TDF are non-hazardous materials and require no special handling or regulation.

Scrap tire generators, haulers, collection sites, processors and end users are all subject to state rules and regulations under Part 169 of Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. Information on these and other rules, regulations, reports and applications can be found at the Scrap Tire Management Program website.

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